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Getting ready to move into a new rental or property you have recently bought after a long selection process most likely feels like a blessing. You cannot wait to pull your car in the driveway, unpack your silverware and a couple of plates and cook your very first dinner in your new kitchen. Maybe you are even considering throwing a small gathering with friends, like a home welcoming party.

Let's assume you did all of that, and you are going to bed with peace in your heart and a huge grin on your face. At 3A.M., the delinquent boyfriend of an old babysitter of the former family who used to live there uses a key to get inside the house and steal your laptop and family jewelry. Did you see that one coming? Apparently not. And the same goes for so many other new home owners who end up being burglarized by old owners or people who used to have copies to the home keys – and kept holding on to them.

To prevent that from happening to you, here are a few useful ideas on how to make your moving transition as safe as possible.

Re-key The Locks On The New Property!

If you do not wish to go hunting for new sets of locks right now and have them installed on the main entryway doors, you should at least have the exiting locks re-keyed. This will help you keep a decent level of security on your new place. But keep in mind installing new and better locks of a higher quality is always the better options, make sure you do that as soon as you get the chance,

Get in touch with a professional locksmith company like the 24/7 Locksmith Finder one that specializes in a wide array of services, including home, car, and office locksmithing services. They can install fresh locks, re-key, repair, or pick old ones, handle lockout emergencies on a 24-hour basis, weekends and holidays included, as well as make solid recommendations concerning the best types of window or door locks and security systems. If you wish to learn more about them, you can follow the link that explains what they can do for you in case of a roadside emergency, while you are on your way to moving your furniture, for example. They charge some of the most affordable flat rates in the industry and they are transparent and open concerning any extra fees they might charge. You should have a pleasant surprise working with them if you need to secure your vehicle prior to your moving needs, or your new property even before you are ready to settle in.

Be Careful About Key Management

Once you have re-keyed your locks and received a new set of home keys, make sure you only give copies to the rest of the household members who will be living with you, and a close friend or a relative in case of an accidental lockout.

Never leave any keys hidden beneath flower pots in the garden or the patio, or right beneath the welcome doormat at your front-door. Those are the places where burglars will usually look first. Also, try to avoid locking a key to your home inside your car. Burglars might be more tempted to try to steal your car or at least steal all the valuable items they can find inside it. And if they also happen to come across a key to your home, they might not avoid using it.

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